The Most Overlooked Tax In America

For most Americans, the largest tax bill of their life is OPTIONAL. It is the tax on your IRA or 401(k) when you die.
Drag the slider below to see an estimate of your federal income tax on your IRA/401(k).

How does it all work?

I am one of those people who likes to know the details.
Watch our video, that explains all of this in more detail and how you can make sure to eliminate your tax liability.

What Are My Options?

Since you now know you could have a large tax, it is also good to know you have options.

Pay Taxes

Would you like to know exactly what your federal and state tax liability is today?
Want to see your total tax liability?

Leave A Legacy

Redeploy dollars to charity and eliminate some or all of your taxes.
Leave Your Legacy

Family Legacy

You can accomplish ALL OF THESE, care for your family and save taxes.
Mentor Your Family & Leave A Legacy